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Ways to insulate your home on the cheap

Ray Moneypenny of Brownsboro Hardware in Prospect. Ray Moneypenny of Brownsboro Hardware in Prospect.
Ray Moneypenny shows how to use rope caulk. Ray Moneypenny shows how to use rope caulk.
Covers for your outdoor water spicket. Covers for your outdoor water spicket.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - If you're looking for ways to save on your energy bill as the coldest days of winter approach, a few bucks and a trip to your local hardware store will get you going.

At Brownsboro Hardware in Prospect, Ray Moneypenny says the colder it gets the more customers inquire about money-saving, energy saving ideas. And Moneypenny can save his customers a lot more than pennies.

His first pick cost just $3.49. It's a bag of foam insulation that fits around the inside of your light switches and receptacles. Each foam piece fits perfectly around the unit, providing insulation where there is none. Try it at home by putting a hand over any of your outside wall units, if you feel cold air this small investment can save you big.

Windows and doors are other significant places to save significant dollars. Moneypenny suggests foam insulation that you simply stick to the door jam making sure it has contact with the door.

"So when the door comes and hits it, it creates a seal," said Moneypenny.

Around the bottom of the door is another cheap place to save. Stick on or screw in sweeps that fit snugly across the bottom of the door lock out cold air.

"For the foam you put around the doorway, that's three and four bucks and that's going to save you a tremendous amount of money," Moneypenny explained.

For keeping air out from around the windows, Moneypenny recommends a product that's been around for year and cost around $6. It's called rope caulk.

Moneypenny said just simply stick the rope chalk along the edge of the window where it meets the frame. He calls it, "a real economical way to save a little more money." When spring rolls around it comes off without leaving any residue.

For a small investment outside the home, a cover for your water spicket can save a huge hassle and expense. When the water in that spicket freezes it can rupture the pipe inside the home leaking into your house and causing expensive repairs.

One last product Moneypenny recommends is a water heater blanket to prevent heat from escaping.

The insulation tips work for summertime too when homeowners desire the opposite effect, cold air in and hot air out.

"All these things I mentioned are on the low end and the consumer can spend that amount of money and see a significant savings," Moneypenny said.

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