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Developer got tax credits before controversial project

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A local developer may be losing its women-owned business status. Overlook Development used that status to apply for millions in government financing to build a controversial apartment complex. And now records show it's not the first time.

The Whispering Woods housing complex is an LDG Development. It says so right on the sign.

But records reveal Whispering Woods was built using $337,500 in tax credits from the Kentucky Housing Corporation. The low interest financing was obtained using the women-owned business status.

But LDG Development is not women-owned. Overlook Development is.

"They are two completely different legal entities," said Michael Gross. Gross is a project manager for Overlook Development, but you can reach him at his LDG Development email address or at LDG's business office, which just happens to be Overlook's business office, too.

This reporter went to that office looking for Lisa Dischinger. She's the woman listed as the owner of Overlook Development and the reason Overlook qualified for the hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax credits at Whispering Woods and more than $14 million in low-interest government financing for Frontgate Apartments, a controversial new affordable housing project in Highview. But Lisa Dischinger's father-in-law said she doesn't work there.

When asked if Lisa worked at all, Ron Dischinger said, "not right now, no."

Gross said Lisa Dischinger works from home and that her father-in-law just got mixed up.

"The primary people in these developments are well-known and it's easy to see how people can get confused between one entity and another," Gross said.

Even Gross seemed confused when he showed up at a community meeting about Overlook's new low income housing project wearing an LDG shirt alongside LDG owner, Chris Dischinger.

He's Lisa Dischinger's husband.

Neighbor Jon Bingham filed a complaint with the Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission over Overlook Development's women-owned status -- a certification that is no more.

Records show it expired on January 3, and the Executive Director of the Human Relations Commission said it had yet to receive a renewal application from Overlook, meaning the company no longer is eligible for women-owned business tax credits.

The Kentucky Housing Corporation said because that women-owned business certification was in place at the time of Overlook's application for Frontgate, Overlook's loss of women-owned status will not impact the special government financing for the low income housing development.

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