Cleaning businesses reach out to help women with cancer

Heather Russo
Heather Russo

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's the dirty work most of us dread - cleaning our houses. If you have cancer, getting things spic and span is often more than just an inconvenience. But a national non-profit organization is offering cleaning services to women who could use them most for free.

The organization is called "Cleaning for a Reason." It partners cleaning companies with women battling cancer. Cleaning business owner Heather Russo said she basically got swept up in the idea.

"They get one cleaning per month up to four months," said Russo, "and then once that commitment is completed I mark it as checked and they send me new clients, and I will be able to go clean for more women who have cancer."

"Cleaning for a Reason" is partnered with more than 1,000 cleaning companies like Russo's across the U.S. and Canada. The non-profit has helped provide more than $3 million in services for women with cancer.

Maybe you know a woman battling cancer who could benefit from this program, or maybe you own a cleaning service and want to get involved.

To learn more, click the following link: Cleaning for a Reason.

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