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Port Clinton rescue center overcrowded after puppy mills raided

PORT CLINTON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

After four area puppy mills were broken up, Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary in Port Clinton was flooded with dogs. Now the owner says their kindness is getting costly and the facility is in need of supplies.

Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary took in 80 dogs from Holmes County.

Many of the dogs came with baggage. They had open sores, were deaf and blind, could barely walk, or were nearly dead from overbreeding.

"It was a nightmare. We went to Holmes County and met in different gas stations and parking lots to retrieve these animals with probably about five or six vehicles," said Nancy Benevento-Brown, owner of Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary. "It was an all day affair. We had an assembly line going to get them in, get them bathed, get their nails trimmed that were growing into the bottom of their feet."

She says many of the dogs came from farms, and when their owners could no longer bred them anymore, they killed them.

Employees say they are happy to save the dogs from being put down, but it's putting a strain on the shelter.

"We have our own kennels to care for, plus an overload from the puppy mills. We want to keep them health, but we're kind of running ragged. What's really killing us is the vetting," said Benevento-Brown.

The shelter has turned to the community to ask for help with adoption and donations of cleaning supplies.

Anyone interested in donating can reach Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary here through their website, or call Nancy at 419-960-7487.

The facility is located at 3620 E. State St.  Port Clinton, Ohio 43452.

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