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Guns from buyback program recycled

The guns were recycled on Monday. The guns were recycled on Monday.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Hundreds of guns have been recycled after a gun buyback program in New Albany. The New Albany Police Department collected nearly 250 guns after a gun buyback in December.

The guns that were traded for cash, were recycled at Freedom Metals in Louisville on Monday.

"Basically will compress until it sheers something through," said Randy Goodman from Freedom Metals.

"Getting them out and disposed of was a priority for us," said Major Keith Whitlow from the New Albany Police Department. "We ran every single serial number we did not come back with anything that we could confirm that the weapon we had was actually stolen or wanted by law enforcement. It's not a anti gun thing at all, it's just getting firearms that aren't serving a purpose for anyone off the street."

The metal from the guns could be used for pipes for streets and construction in the future.

"It kind of has a circle of life," said Goodman. "People talk about birth to death, this is death to birth."

Freedom Metals donated their services to the New Albany Police Department.

The police department says there are no definite plans to have another gun buyback program. But, if they do they say they will gear it more towards hand guns, opposed to guns associated with hunting.

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