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Houses coming down to make way for East End Bridge

Construction is underway in Prospect. Construction is underway in Prospect.

PROSPECT, KY (WAVE) - Louisville's landscape is changing to make way for a new bridge. Several homes will come down where the east end crossing will eventually go up.

One of the first is on Greengate Court in Prospect. Tuesday 7118 Greengate Court was an empty lot in the middle of a cul-de-sac.

From her front window, Judy Staten and her granddaughter watched the construction zone develop. "It's really sad," she said about the demolition of the home she lived across from for 20 years.

Staten said knowing it's one of the first signs that a new East End Bridge will be moving in nearby makes the sight easier on her eyes and mind. "I think we need it. I think the city needs it and as hard as that is it's going to practically be in our backyard."

Another former resident of the street found it is so hard to believe the day when Indiana Department of Transportation was knocking down homes finally arrived, he brought his camera out to document. "My oldest daughter's in Scottsdale, Arizona and I told my wife we're going to come and take pictures and I'm going to send them," said the former resident who only wanted to be identified as Richard.

INDOT needed the land to move utility poles and power lines from areas where there will soon be new roads leading up to the East End Crossing. They said it's the only home taken out for utility work, but at least 10 more in the Prospect area will be demolished because they are in the way of construction. In fact, in Shadow Wood, just a couple miles down the road even more are already gone.

All of it is a sign of progress, "I've been saying for 20 or 25 years we need to get this done and we're happy it's finally going to take place," said Staten.

Construction on the East End Bridge is expected to begin this summer. INDOT says you will be driving from Prospect to Utica in 2016.

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