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West Buechel Mayor pleads guilty to property code violations

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The West Buechel Mayor is getting out of the real estate business after she pled guilty to violating Louisville Metro ordinances for letting her property become an eyesore. And she called in a friend from city hall to help clean it up.

West Buechel city attorney Genon Hensley wouldn't say if it was Mayor Sharon Fowler or taxpayers paying her to appear in court. Only that she was doing it as a personal favor to the Mayor.

Fowler, a two term West Buechel Mayor, was cited for multiple violations by Louisville Metro codes and regulations for the property she owns at 3309 East Indian Trial in Louisville. That property had fallen into such disrepair in September 2012, neighbors asked for help trying to get it cleaned up.

Louisville Metro Government filed liens against Fowler for more than $15,000 in delinquent fines and property taxes.

Appearing in court for Mayor Fowler, the West Buechel city attorney told the judge the Mayor had agreed to plead guilty to the property code violations.

Fowler got off with a $500 fine. That fine will be waived as long as Mayor Fowler pays $135 dollars in court costs by March 26th. Louisville Metro agreed to the deal, after getting the news they hoped for from the beginning.

"I'll advise the court that she no longer owns the property," Hensley told the judge.

Hensley said Fowler sold the former East Indian Trail church, to a church, which is now struggling to clean everything up.

Hensley said two other run down west Louisville properties the Mayor has been cited for are also no longer owned by Fowler, although Jefferson County property records still list her as the owner.

Mayor Fowler was unavailable for comment. In September 2012, she blamed the dilapidated property issues on financial problems.

"Personally I have fallen victim to the economy," Fowler said at that time. "I am trying to get rid of the properties because I am unable to handle them right now financially."

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