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City trying to combat homelessness

The forum was held on Tuesday. The forum was held on Tuesday.

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - The City of Jeffersonville is trying to combat the rising problem of homelessness in the area.

Tuesday morning, a public forum was held to come up with ideas and solutions on what to do about the increasing problem.

Inside Jeffersonville City Hall around 100 people from Jeffersonville and Clarksville came out to discuss the problem of homelessness in their area, talking about what to do about it. Some even offering up their own businesses to try to help the problem.

Church leaders from all over the area and different congregations came forward to offer their churches as night shelters, locations for food, counseling and more for the homeless.

The lack of housing for the homeless, especially during this cold snap became one of the hot topics.

Brigetta Lindsey was formerly homeless. She told the people in attendance the problem is the homeless don't have enough help from the area and that they fight with stability every day, "There's a serious issue where drugs and alcohol are concerned with the homeless. They can't make the right decisions, they cant make the decisions they need to and be functional in their lives."

Education was also brought up a lot in the forum, both for the homeless on how to begin a career and education of drugs and alcohol.

City leaders have a lot of information and suggestions we'll keep you updated if there's a next meeting and what happens.

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