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Jeffersonville mayor's charges legitimate

Mayor Mike Moore Mayor Mike Moore

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - An about face from two Jeffersonville City Council members who suspected the mayor of abusing taxpayer money.

City Council President Connie Sellers and Councilwoman Lisa Gill were investigating alleged misuse of Mayor Mike Moore's city issued credit card.

At a council meeting held Tuesday, Sellers said it now appears the Moore's charges were legitimate.

Jeffersonville City Council President Connie Sellers explained, "I did look at the claims and I found nothing overtly irregular in the claims."

But, Sellers said she was pressing forward with her request to have the state board of accounts review the mayor's credit card records, a move the council attorney called standard.

Sellers and Gill want to know if the mayor violated a city ordinance that says charges can only be reimbursed with itemized receipts instead of the overall charge.

Mayor Moore released an official statement in response to Council President Connie Sellers saying;

"I am pleased that the city council has not found any improper expenditures in the mayor's office. I do not fault the council for exercising its responsibility to oversee the city's financial matters. I look forward to working with President Sellers and the council to ensure that tax dollars are properly spent. My office is always willing to work with the council to make city government efficient and cost effective. While we will continue to make government more transparent, it's time to move forward and focus on many of the other important issues facing Jeffersonville."

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