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Huntingburg residents outraged over racial Inauguration Day sign

The sign is clear now, but it's located near a heavily traveled road. The sign is clear now, but it's located near a heavily traveled road.

There are calls for a boycott after a Tri-State business owner chose the day of President Obama's second inauguration to make a bold political statement.

Residents in Huntingburg are outraged over a racial sign directed towards, President Obama and blacks.

Many posting immediately on their Facebook page saying the owner should be ashamed and that they don't plan on spending one cent on the business.

"It was a very racial comment. Somebody like that putting it up for everyone to see is just uncalled for," Huntingburg resident, Arrin King said.

The sign is empty now at Summers Tanning. The owner telling the mayor of Huntingburg it was only up for a few minutes, but on the busy highway, it didn't take long for a lot of people to see the racial comment.

According to some residents, it had a message that played on the phrase "Happy Inauguration Day." Instead, changing letters around in the word "Inauguration" to spell out a racial slur directed towards blacks.

"They are disgusted and not a single person is saying that, that is okay," King said.

"We received some calls when the sign was viewed and there was an immediate response from our citizens with displeasure with the display," Mayor Denny Spinner said.

After the complaints Mayor Spinner drove towards the business, but the sign had been taken down.

"It's certainly something that our city and city government is not in favor of. It was inappropriate and offensive, in particular on the day when it happened on the inauguration of the President. Also being Martin Luther King Day when we recognize all the efforts that have gone on in society to deal with prejudice in our community," Mayor Spinner said.

Mayor Spinner says he looked to see if the racial sign met any code violations, but it didn't.

Whether it met a code violation or not, residents are responding in their own way, saying they don't plan to visit the business.

"I think this is going to be widespread, and he's probably not going to be enjoying living here as a resident in Huntingburg," King said.

Mayor Spinner says the business owner did call him to apologize for his lapse in judgement.

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