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5 sisters remain at large after multiple wallet thefts

Ivy Shaffer Ivy Shaffer
The group targeted hospitals. (Source: St. Matthews police) The group targeted hospitals. (Source: St. Matthews police)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – The search continues for five sisters and another female relative accused of stealing multiple wallets out of hospital nurse's stations and doctor's offices.

One arrest has been made in this case, but the six others remain at large.

"They spent $4,000 on my credit cards and out of my checking account," said Ivy Shaffer, who works inside Norton Suburban.

Norton Suburban was one of the many hospitals the group was caught on camera visiting. Police say at one point they even went into a cancer division pretending one of them was patient.

Lashonda Jefferson was arrested on Tuesday, but five of her sisters and another relative were able to get away.

WAVE 3 stopped by their last known address, but were told their mother has no comment.

Surveillance video shows the group of women going on extravagant shopping sprees, prompting a lot of questions about credit card safety and how you can protect yourself, even if you do become the victim of theft.

"Some people have three, four, five or more credit cards, you don't need all of them at once, just carry one of them," said Reanna Smith-Hamblin with the Better Business Bureau.

While it may seem simple, a lot of big retailers aren't required to ask for an ID's when a credit card is used.

"We need to become one voice and push for stores to do this," said Smith-Hamblin. "You know write on the back of your card see ID, and ask why didn't ask to see your ID when you wrote it on the back of your card, maybe if people start speaking up some kind of action would be taken."

The BBB also encourages people not to carry important documents, such as your social security card in your wallet.

If you have any information that could help, you are asked to give St. Matthews police a call at (502) 893-9000.

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