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Police: Man threatens to harm ex with acid

New Albany Police Department Major Keith Whitlow New Albany Police Department Major Keith Whitlow
Charles Conner (Source: Floyd County Sheriff) Charles Conner (Source: Floyd County Sheriff)

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - Phone call after phone call, threats to maim a woman using acid and a GPS tracking device: court documents say a New Albany man went to great lengths to terrorize his former girlfriend. Now, he's behind bars.

Charles Conner, 63, waged a campaign of terror over the past year, according to court documents, but the victim told investigators that it started just the opposite, with an intimate relationship.

"A lot of times, the most dangerous person to have stalking you is someone that you've been involved in a prior relationship with that doesn't want to let that relationship go," said New Albany Police Department Major Keith Whitlow, "And I know in my almost 36 year career, I've seen a lot of those end tragically.

Whitlow can't comment on Conner's case specifically because it's making its way through the courts.

Conner's victim told police things went bad almost a year after they broke up, when she began seeing someone else. Court papers say he started texting, messaging and calling - at one time 169 times in one night.

"Some of these cases are he said, she said type situations and it generally takes very diligent follow up on the part of the investigating officers," Whitlow said.

In October, police were able to make a case and Conner was charged with misdemeanor invasion of privacy but things only got worse. Investigators write that he used a TASER on the victim at his home on Corydon Pike and held her on the bed.

In December, she reported she found a GPS tracking device on her car. In court papers, police also said Conner threatened to pour acid on his victim's face and slash off parts of her body.

They said Conner's son told investigators he sold his father the GPS and his dad asked him for nitric acid and duct tape.

The probable cause affidavit also references two other women who say they are afraid of Conner.

He was booked into the Floyd County Jail on stalking and criminal confinement charges. His attorney did not return calls asking for comment.

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