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Local "lunch lady" needs your vote


We've had a lot of response on Facebook about a Southridge High School lunch lady who's trying to become an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader.

"I've been wanting to be a Colts cheerleader for a long time," said Tella Toney.

20-year-old Tella Toney currently works as a lunch server at Southridge High School, but she's hoping to become a Colts cheerleader, through an online competition.

"I had to upload pictures on there of me, one for voting and then three to five for the judges to see, I guess," said Toney.

Tella says the judges will allow the top-ten vote-winners to audition to be a Colts cheerleader in March. Right now, Tella leads the pack, with just over 4,500 votes.

"She showed me how to get to the website, where to go, and I've been voting daily," said Oralee Cotton, food service director.

Oralee Cotton is the food service director at Southridge, and she says the whole food service staff is excited for Tella.

Cotton and Tella both say the students at Southridge are especially interested in the competition and that some are very surprised to have a 'lunch lady' like Tella.

"They've never had a lunch lady, as far as being this young, to do something that neat," said Cotton.

Tella says 'audition training' will begin next month, and that the auditions themselves will happen March 23.

If you would like to vote in the online competition, click here.

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