Keeping Daylilies At Their Best

By Cindi Sullivan

(LOUISVILLE, July 21st, 2004) -- If you have daylilies in your garden, Garden Talk Expert Cindi Sullivan has some tips for keeping them at their best.

Daylilies are at their peak of performance in the early summer. They bloom profusely during hot, sunny days. To keep them at their best, you should do a daylily tending.

The botanical name for the daylily is Hemerocallis -- it's a Greek term for "beautiful for a day." Between the scientific name and the common name, it figures that daylilies are only good looking for a day. That's certainly true of the individual flowers.

After the individual flowers fade, remove the spent bloom by pinching it off with your finger and thumb. Many flowers will be borne on each flower stem so you might be removing several flowers from the same bloomstalk.

When all the flowers have open and faded on a stem, you can take that whole stem back to the foliage level. This will help to keep your daylilies looking good and it promotes a larger, healthier plant.

Removing spent blooms is especially important for repeating cultivars like the popular Stella d' Ore. If you don't get rid of the bloomstalks, they simply won't come back for you.

Daylilies also make great cut flowers, so you might want to cut some while they are in bloom.

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