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Ice coats Metro Louisville roads at rush hour

Peggy Burgin Peggy Burgin
Roads around the Metro were slick Friday. Roads around the Metro were slick Friday.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Friday morning in the Metro, depending on what time you had to be at work, you either had an easy commute or a dicey one. The weather moved in right in the middle of the morning, leaving people scrambling to deal with the ice.

With a thin layer coating everything, an army of workers spreading salt hit the streets to fight it. "So I'm slipping and sliding everywhere," said Louisville worker Peggy Burgin.

She left her house at around 4:30 in the morning when there was, "no snow, no nothing, nothing. It was great coming in."

By the time Burgin got back on the road to do her job, everyone around her was sliding.

"I was on the Watterson, it's slick," Burgin said. "I had to go over on Shelbyville Road on Fairfax.  Their parking lot was ice, and then when I got over to the Portland area, it's ice over there and I've seen so many people run through the stop signs because they don't realize, they think the roads are wet. They're icy!"

"Everything did happen all at once," said Jody Johnson with Louisville MetroSafe.

Johnson, the call takers and dispatchers at MetroSafe saw their cold morning heat up fast. In 30 minutes, they got calls about 19 wrecks with injuries and many more where people weren't hurt.

"We had two injury accidents and two non injury accidents a week ago, the same time," Johnson said. 

This time there were almost ten times that, which is why people like Burgin have the right idea.

"I'm doing ok because I'm going slow and steady," Burgin said.  "Slow and steady wins the race here."

For a time Friday morning, police had to stop responding to non-injury accidents and instead asked people to use state accident forms because they were just overwhelmed with the number of crashes.

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