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Neighbors want to know who left home covered in graffiti

Graffiti covering the home at 4531 Sunset Way. Graffiti covering the home at 4531 Sunset Way.
Jane White Jane White
Monti Jackson Monti Jackson

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – It was a sight that could only be an eyesore in one Louisville neighborhood after a house is hit hard by vandals.

It happened a few days ago in Sunset Gardens near Shively.

"It's a new neighborhood and it's sad," said Jane White, director of development for Habitat for Humanity in Louisville.

"It's surprising to know that it would happen in this neighborhood and who would do that to these people because they're good people," said Monti Jackson, a Sunset Gardens resident.

What happened to 4531 Sunset Way is the talk of block. Someone used black spray paint from top to bottom covering the entire house.

"I've never seen nothing like that," Jackson said, "I mean, I have never seen anybody take that much time out to put that much effort into destroying someone's home."

The new, mixed income housing neighborhood of Sunset Gardens has many homes vacant and ready to be sold. Because it's nice and quiet, Sunset Gardens was handpicked for seven Habitat for Humanity homes. The hope is to give the new homeowners a fresh start.

White told us she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the home. 

"There were two Habitat houses that were right across the street from it and I hate that for them," said White, "but at the same time hopefully, we'll find out who has done it and they'll receive what they need to receive for the damage."

"They're trying to keep people away from what's going on in other areas," Jackson said of the Habitat homes, "and this kind of thing is a surprise."

Jackson, who lives across the street, said the vandals acted overnight and their creation caused traffic jams as people couldn't turn away from the horrible mess.

No other homes were hit and that's why Jackson hopes the homeowners weren't targeted. He also hopes those responsible are found and prosecuted. 

"People work hard for their stuff and people try to have something nice," said Jackson. "They didn't hurt nobody but themselves because they've got to live with the guilt."

Neighbors told us some of the paint on the garage was removed Monday by a cleaning crew. The sides of the home are still damaged.

WAVE 3 News tried to contact the homeowners several times, but no one was there. Anyone with information about the vandalism should contact police.

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