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Funding announced for UC's Dept. of Geology


State Representative Dale Mallory (D-Cincinnati) has announced the release of capital funds for the Biogeochemistry Research and Teaching Project at the University of Cincinnati. 

Approximately $86,000 will be funded to the research aimed at providing measurement capabilities of the stable isotope ratios for carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen in a wide array of samples.

"I am always pleased to see cutting-edge initiatives given funding at the University of Cincinnati. UC produces some of the brightest scientists in the Biogeochemistry field," said Rep. Mallory. "This funding allows UC the opportunity to utilize the latest technology to remain competitive with the finest colleges in the United States."

 Ultimately, this project will assist in funding the MRI Stable Isotope Instrument project, which focuses on providing a powerful tool to track the flow of isotope ratios of carbon and other elements through natural systems.

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