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WAVE 3 Editorial – January 29, 2013: Women in Combat

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

Just as Congress will likely be more effective this year with the most women members it has ever had, so to should the military if women are allowed back in combat.

They've been banned from combat duty for nearly 20 years and unless Congress opposes a new recommended policy change lifting the ban, they will be integrated back into combat roles.

Women make up 15% of active duty military personnel in the United States now and lifting the ban will open up more leadership roles for them and advancement opportunities as well.

Women certainly can excel as pilots and sharpshooters and have the skill and courage needed on the battlefield.

Physical fitness standards must still be met so only the best women, like the best men, will pass requirements.   

Women are part of combat units in several countries. We should examine the ones that have the fewest restrictions – Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Denmark, New Zealand and Norway – to get a better read on how best to make this transition with our troops.     

The reality is more than a quarter of a million American women served in Afghanistan and Iraq in combat zones, just not on the front lines. They served with honor and distinction and have every right to serve on the front lines as well.

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