Police: Size keeps crooks away from $15K jackpot

McDonalds off Clifty Drive in Madison, IN
McDonalds off Clifty Drive in Madison, IN
Chief Dan Thurston
Chief Dan Thurston

MADISON, IN (WAVE) - Two men made off with a safe, but police say size mattered when it came to cashing in on the loot. It all happened inside the Madison McDonalds off Clifty Drive early Tuesday morning.

"The rear door to the McDonald's had been forced open and the safe was missing," Madison Police Department Chief Dan Thurston explained.

That's what officers discovered when they arrived. Surveillance video inside offered detectives only minor details.

"It looks like two males. Young, probably early 20's," Chief Thurston said.
"They had hoods on and bandanas over their face."

Police believe $15,000 was inside the safe, but another surprise was lurking.

"The safe was found, hidden near the dumpsters in the parking lot," Chief Thurston said.

So why didn't the crooks take off with it? Detectives believe it all comes down to size.

"It's our belief that the suspects underestimated the size and the weight of the safe and either couldn't get it in the vehicle they had or they couldn't lift it themselves and went to get help," Thurston said.

WAVE 3 talked to the owner of the franchised McDonald's location. For three reasons, she believes it could have been an inside job.

One, there's only about a half hour when there's no one inside the restaurant, which not many people would know. She also said the thieves tried to turn their back to each camera inside. Then there's the tricky back door that, up until crews repaired it Tuesday, would come open without being locked.

As for the getaway car, police say they only have minor details.

"The surveillance video in the parking lot shows what the officers believe was a green four door passenger car and it looks like it has a taillight out or a tail light lens broken," Chief Thurston said.

Anyone with any information should call the Madison Police Department at (812) 265-3347.

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