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Southern Indiana adult bookstore cited 11 times

Theatair X Theatair X
One of the holes found in a viewing room (Source: Clarksville Police Department) One of the holes found in a viewing room (Source: Clarksville Police Department)
Det. Shane Bassett Det. Shane Bassett
Anna Branch Anna Branch
Fred Branch Fred Branch

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) – A southern Indiana adult bookstore was paid a visit by town officials on Tuesday and numerous violations were discovered.

Theatair X on U.S. 31 is under the microscope again for alleged illegal activities.

Police say after numerous complaints from the community, the Clarksville Office of the Building Commissioner asked Clarksville detectives to join them while they inspected Theatair X.

"I pass it everyday and I don't even look that way," said Anna Branch of Clarksville.

Branch said she's glad police are keeping a close eye on the town's only adult bookstore.

"Places like that need to go," said Branch. "They really do."

"We do receive several complaints, the building commissioner's office does as well, something that our administration is very proactive about," said Detective Shane Bassett, Clarksville Police. "We're going to look into it very seriously and we are going to follow up on it."

Clarksville resident Fred Branch said he's noticed.

"Yeah I've noticed it on the news they talk about them violating some kind of law they got," said Branch.

Bassett joined the Clarksville building commissioner to check on Theatair X to make sure it followed the town's ordinance.

"There are approximately 49 booths that are private in the back that people place coins into to watch adult videos in there," said Bassett, "and per Clarksville ordinances you are not allowed to have any type of hole between those two booths."

Investigators took pictures to show that the holes were deliberately made in the booths. They were cited 11 times.

"Management had no comment for that," said Bassett.

Last month, only WAVE 3 was there as police raided the adult bookstore and arrested four men. Three were charged with sexual misconduct and the other for indecent exposure.

"As long as they are following the law there's no problems here, but we're here to make sure they do follow the law," said Bassett.

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