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Detectives say addictions fueling burglaries

Cameron Miquelon Cameron Miquelon
Broken window at Cameron Miquelon's home. Broken window at Cameron Miquelon's home.
Det. Brian Walker Det. Brian Walker
Roy Jackson, III (Source: LMDC) Roy Jackson, III (Source: LMDC)
Some of the stolen items recovered after Jackson's arrest. Some of the stolen items recovered after Jackson's arrest.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Metro police are hot on the trail of several burglars hitting homes in the Highlands and Indian Hills neighborhoods. Wednesday, 5th Division detectives announced another arrest, but say the problem isn't over.

According to police, drug addiction is the fuel behind burglaries across the city. As soon as they make one arrest, it seems another home is broken into. That's what happened Wednesday morning. Cameron Miquelon heard a loud noise as winds kicked up around midnight.

"There was some heavy knocking at the door, the very aggressive kind of knocking and they kept going," Miquelon said.

Miquelon thought maybe it was a roommate's friends trying to get in the back of the apartment building on Eastern Parkway.

"I guess they got really frustrated and did that," said Miquelon while pointing to a broken window. "I called the police soon after that happened and immediately after I heard the glass break."

The burglars never made it inside. Miquelon said a neighbor told police he saw two men in a red or maroon SUV with a sunroof.

Hours after that attempted burglary, police announced another burglary arrest: Roy Jackson of Hikes Point. For the second time, they recovered a room full of stolen property for victims to look through and detectives say they found it in Jackson's house and car.

Police say Jackson is the man who confronted Judy Smith at a home on Sulgrave Road. Smith told us earlier this month, "The guy came to the front door and knocked on it real loud."

LMPD Detective Brian Walker says Jackson's motivation is the same as other burglars they've recently arrested: Quick money for a quick fix.

"I know he has a heroin addiction and we've had a big spike in heroin," said Walker.

If your home was broken into in the Highlands or Indian Hills neighborhood anytime between late October through Friday, January 25, you can call detectives in the 5th Division at 574-7636 to set up a time to look through the recovered stolen property.

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