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Memphis PD find meth lab underneath toddler's mattress

Memphis police say they found an active meth lab cooking in a spot that could've killed a 2-year-old girl.

Every day, the Hills walk up and down Dromedary Drive in Memphis.

"They have very few problems in this area," said neighbor Norman Hill.

But their stroll on Wednesday included a walk past fresh quarantine notices on one house after police busted a meth lab.

"The house was always dead quiet during the day, but the lights were on all night," said Virginia Hill.

Investigators said they could smell the chemicals wafting through an open window, while a 2-year-old was asleep inside.

A one pot, soda bottle, shake and bake lab was actively cooking meth and hidden underneath the mattress on which the little girl slept.

"You're talking to a grandmother that lost a three-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter this year. And what I wouldn't give to have that child in my arms. And they have a perfectly healthy child, and do that to them? No, that's just wrong," said Virginia Hill.

Police arrested the girl's father, Matthew Richardson, and her mother, Amanda Elrod.

She and Richardson are both in jail without bond and are due in court Thursday morning.

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