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Woman arrested twice on the same day begs to go to jail

Sandra Jones (Source: Clark County Jail) Sandra Jones (Source: Clark County Jail)
Jeremy Mull Jeremy Mull
Ken Pierce Ken Pierce

JEFFERSONVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A southern Indiana woman was arrested twice in one day and then begs officers take her to jail. Prosecutors said the sad thing is all her crimes are centered around a heroin addiction.

Clark County Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said Sandra Jones landed herself behind bars for the first time this year on January 12 after she was found using drugs in a Clark County motel room. Jones, 25, was booked into jail and later released.

Fast forward to Wednesday when investigators say Jones walked into the Jeffersonville Meijer and announced out loud to employees that she was going to steal a stereo.

"She was determined to get herself in jail somehow," said Mull. "She basically had expressed that she was addicted to heroin and she didn't have any place to go."

An officer at the store tried to reason with her, but investigators say after Jones threatened to punch the officer in the face she was taken into custody.

Jones was booked, but immediately released. Right across the street from the jail is Jeffersonville City Court judge and attorney Ken Pierce's office. Police believe Jones used a rock to break the window, but after that, it appears she went straight to the kitchen.

"My staff keeps plenty of frozen food back in the freezer, she broke into their frozen pizza stash and cooked herself a pizza and came back here and chose my office to eat it in," said Pierce.

Jones apparently made several calls while she was there, that is until police interrupted her. Then Jones was taken right back across the street.

"I hope she gets the help she needs," said Pierce.

Jones remains in the Clark County Jail. She is due in court to face burglary charges on Friday.

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