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Kroger to lower prices, discontinue double coupons


The Cincinnati/Dayton Division of Kroger has announced the launch of a new price campaign.

On Monday, Feb. 4 Kroger, will lower prices on thousands of items in several commodities including Grocery, Produce, Organics, Natural Foods, and General Merchandise. This venture is a multi-million dollar investment for the company.

The company plans to lower prices on over 3,500 items. For example, the price on Kroger 24 pack water will drop 71 cents and the cost of a 3 lb. bag of onions will go down $1.00 and the retail on Soy Milk has been reduced by $1.40. Popular deals such as 10 for $10 and Cart Buster will also remain.

However, the company announced that in 30 days, it will discontinue the practice of doubling coupons.

"We know price continues to be a top, and at times a deciding, factor when it comes to where to grocery shop, "said Sukanya Madlinger, President of Kroger's Cincinnati/Dayton Division.  "The savings shoppers see on items they buy every week are going to be better.  Every aisle, every department in the store will contain newly lowered prices on Kroger Private Label and National Brand products."

In addition to the price reductions on groceries and merchandise, Kroger will continue to offer their Fuel Program, where customers can save up to $1.00 off a gallon at Kroger Fuel Centers, their $4 and $10 Prescription Program, weekly specials and themed events. 

Kroger has also made a $4 million commitment to the 2013 Community Rewards program which benefits more than 2,000 local non-profit groups and organizations.

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