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Homeless in the cold


It's estimated that there are around 700 homeless people in the Greater Cincinnati area.

During the winter, keeping warm can be a struggle. However, there are some people who have made it their job to make that struggle a bit easier.

Pastor Jim Turner says the Cincinnati Dream Center was created for that reason.

"One of the biggest needs I see for the homeless in downtown Cincinnati is a place for them to go early in the morning," said Turner. "By 5:30 in the morning there's over 50 people already lined up at the door waiting to get in just for a cup of coffee, maybe a bite to eat. We speak encouragement or life and give them a reason to believe again and to dream again."

This encouragement makes a big difference to many homeless people like Cody Uffer.

"The Dream Center is the only place where we can go to warm up," said Uffer. "If it wasn't for that place we'd have to stand out in the cold, out in the rain, nothing to eat nothing to drink and no one really to talk to about what's going on in our lives and it's very difficult."

Many have been given blankets and the knowledge that somebody cares. These action save lives daily.

The Dream Center is supported by a number of donors and people like John Eldridge.

"The food, the drinks, the blankets, the coats, the hats, the gloves, the scarves are what they need," said Eldridge. "I began acquiring these resources and putting them out to people and delivering them when I could because there's that demand."

An organization called Master Provisions is helping Eldridge meet this demand. It's a demand that, Eldridge says, just keeps growing.

"This food is excess from grocery stores, produce stores, anywhere that has extra food that they're not able to use any longer. We're able to take that and therefore distribute it back to the community.

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