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Inmate punches own attorney while on trial


A Hamilton County man punched his own attorney in court on Monday.

A courtroom official tells FOX19 that Dionte Lummus, 21, punched his own attorney, Will Oswall, in the face during a trial on Monday.

Oswall says he was appointed Lummus' public defender.

Lummus is on trial for charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, robbery, felonious assault and possession of weapons under a disability. 

The officials says that the deputy in the courtroom was instructing Lummus to sit down when Lummus leaned in and said something to his attorney.

Oswall tells FOX19 that Lummus wanted him to request a mistrial because the evidence wasn't looking good for him. Oswall said he told the defendant that it wasn't possible.

After receiving the attorney's answer, witnesses say Lummus punched Oswall in the face.

Officials say Lummus was tackled by the courtroom deputy when he tried to walk away.

The judge charged him with contempt of court and assaulting an officer of the court, the deputy charged him with attempting to escape. He was arraigned on the new charges on Wednesday and had his bond set at $50,000.

The trial went on with Lummus' hands and feet shackled and two deputies behind him.

He was charged with 6 months to be served before he serves any possible prison charge for his other case.

The jury is still out on the other charges.

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