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New Sport in Town

Freedom Hall is one of the nation's most historic arenas that played host to the Louisville Cardinals for six decades.  Now Freedom Hall is the host to a new sport that's sweeping the region; Louisville's new lacrosse team, the Kentucky Stickhorses. 

 "It's gigantic, I mean Louisville has been growing dramatically in lacrosse and to bring a professional team here helps to enhance the fact that lacrosse is real in the Midwest," said Stickhorses owner Anthony Chase.

Stickhorse forward Chazz Woodson said, "It's so much faster and it's a little more physical because its close quarters so I think once you watch it, you're engaged with it right away.  It's something that doesn't take a lot of time to warm up to, you watch a game and you're hooked."

Lacrosse which has been a very popular sport on the upper east coast for the past century just started making noise in the commonwealth about 10 years back.  For most fans around here, I think they're pretty happy about the transition. 

"I have a lot of fun because I like hitting people," said eleven-year-old Michael Houlihan.

Seventh grader Ben Shugart explained, "I enjoy football and basketball but this is like a whole new adrenaline rush, running up and down the field hitting people, scoring, hearing the guy go gooooooaaaaallllll……"

"You know 30 years ago when I was a kid there wasn't any of this stuff at all, lacrosse was pretty much an east coast game with those people up there and it was nonexistent down here," said long time Louisville resident Charlie Zupetz.

12 year old Jacob Sarno commented, "You can just get out there and play it with friends.  You can play it with anybody, even girls can play it."

"It's so much fun, I love lacrosse!  It's the greatest sport and I recommend it to any girl who wants a new sport to play when they get to high school," said KCD State Champ Ellen Resinger.

On the high school level this spring there's going to be 27 men's teams statewide as well as 20 women's teams, this sport is growing leaps and bounds, give it another 10 years, who knows how big it will get!

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