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Dog saves Shelby County family from burning home

Emmie Emmie
Tina Travis Tina Travis
The burned home of the Travis family. The burned home of the Travis family.

SHELBY COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - Dogs are often referred to as man's best friend, but for one family their dog turned out to be a lifesaver when fire through a Shelby County home. 

The fire happened on January 25 on Bohannon Road, that's near Cropper, at the home Tina Travis and her family had lived in for 12 years. It took just minutes for a fire to destroy all of their belongings. It wasn't their smoke detector that woke them, but their little dog named Emmie. 

"She gets a lot of hot dogs and ear scratches," said Travis. "She heard it or smelled it."

Around midnight, Travis said her family woke up to Emmie barking. They knew something wasn't right. Travis said daughter realized the house was on fire, grabbed her 7 month old son, lowered him out the window and climbed out after him. Her other daughter and her boyfriend were able to escape as well. Both daughters raced over to wake up Travis.

"She was saying we are out mom, you need to come out, come out now," said Travis.

Travis rushed out through the door. What hurts Travis the most is that family's other dog, Lucky, wasn't able to make it out.

"For some reason she turned around and went back into the bedroom so Jessica tried to get to her but the heat was too much," said Travis.

After a call to 911, everyone rushed to the house Travis's father next door. They watched their home go up in flames from the kitchen window and said it didn't take long.

"Just a matter of minutes," said Travis, "just a matter of minutes."

Fire officials suspect that the fire started in the living room and said an electrical issue may be to blame. Travis said she had hard wired smoke detectors, but they didn't go off.

The entire home is a total loss. A collection of burned records were scattered around. Her belongings were almost unrecognizable.

"We basically lost everything material that I have worked 20 years to gather up," said Travis.

Looking at what's left, Travis said she's grateful her family is okay and that Emmie sounded the alarm that saved them.

Travis and her family are staying with her father and thinking about rebuilding.

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