Investigation finds services taking place in business not advertised

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Right off Interstate 65 the bright lights of Theatair X are meant to catch your eye, but what happens inside is not advertised on any sign.

We took our hidden camera inside this adults-only business in Clarksville. A business described by a retired FBI agent, who spent 23 years investigating sex crimes, as nothing more than a sex shop.

"This ranks right up there as one of the worst ones I've seen in my whole career,"explained a man whose identity will not be revealed because he still conducts investigations and trains police officers.

He's made five trips into Theatair X over two years and each time he said he sees the same thing.

What our camera caught  first was completely legal - row after row of pornographic movies for sale.
But the activities in the rest of the building violate a number of local laws designed to regulate adult businesses. From the live girl dancing area,to the peep booths and two movie theaters.

"There's two theaters one to the right and one to the left and they have continuous hard core pornography films being shown every time I've been in one I've seen men engaging in sex acts watching the film," the man said.

Our undercover investigator, a WAVE 3 employee, witnessed the same acts - even being propositioned while shooting with our hidden camera and what he saw was too graphic to show on TV.

Robert, 33, a self described former sex addict, spent six years as a Theatair X customer. When asked if people would be shocked about who is a customer there he responded, "Oh yeah, yeah, absolutely."

Robert described the waiting game he often took part in outside the "private" peep booths, " In the peep booths in the back a lot of guys will sit on the wall and what they're doing is they're watching - they're picking out who they want to hook up with."

Our investigation captured footage of one man coming out of a peep booth and motioning another man inside. Then there was a door slam - a signal someone is in the booth next to you.

Inside many of the closet-like rooms are so-called "glory holes - holes cut in the wall between two booths  at waist level.

Robert explained, "Guys, two guys or a married couple will go in a booth they also have holes in the wall where obviously they're having oral sex."

So what about the management at Theatair X? ------------- said, "They absolutely know what is going on in there, there is no doubt in my mind, no doubt in my mind"

If you have any doubt, just check out Theatair Xs copyrighted website .  There are actual photographs of oral sex so graphic we had to obscure most of them. There is even a "rules" section describing Theatair X etiquette.

From one set of rules to another - Clarksville's town ordinance clearly bans such activities. It calls for an unobstructed view of all areas from the managers station without doors or curtains blocking the way.

The ordinance states no openings are allowed between viewing rooms, that the peep booths should be checked daily for them. It also bans public lewdness and indecent exposure, just to name a few.

At a recent Clarksville town council meeting the group "ROCK," or Reclaim Our Culture Kentuckiana, and a packed room of citizens asked the council to enforce this law on the books since 2005.

"Our children our families and our community should win every single time," said Clapping Standing

The response by the town council was, well, nothing. And such inaction leads to just one question, why are the laws not being enforced?

We think we've uncovered the answer.

So with an undercover investigation, eyewitness accounts from our crew, a former FBI agent, and a former sex addict, all exposing routine sexual activity inside Theater X,  just how does this business continue to operate for years with very little - if any - repercussions?

Our investigation uncovers documents linking a top town official to a former Theatair x manager. Plus, more on our confrontation with community leaders on why little has been done.

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