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Kosair Charities donation to make Henryville playground possible

Jennifer Badger Jennifer Badger
Randy Coe Randy Coe
Site of the Henryville playground. Site of the Henryville playground.

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Sometimes we get the chance to see stories wrap up with a happy ending. Tuesday night on WAVE 3 News at 6:00 it unfolded live on our newscast. Meteorologist Brian Goode told us about a proposed playground in tornado-ravaged Henryville, Indiana that was in jeopardy because a major donation fell through.  

The Henryville Youth Sports Group needed $15,000 before the February 18 deadline. As it turned out they didn't have to wait that long because a group known for helping kids stepped up to the plate.

When Brian spoke on Tuesday with Jennifer Badger of Henryville Youth Sports she seemed optimistic. However, Badger also knew that coming up with $15,000 at the last minute would be tough. Little did she know, it would take less than 15 minutes. 

"I didn't think it would be the entire amount and didn't think it would be so quickly," said Badger.

It was all thanks to Randy Coe, president of Kosair Charities. Coe was watching our broadcast and got excited at the chance to help.

"Tremendous excitement when we heard of an opportunity to make a difference for the families and their kids in Henryville," said Coe. 

According to Coe, it was a no-brainer in picking up the phone to call the WAVE 3 newsroom, especially when he heard kids were involved.

"Kids just need a chance to be kids again," said Coe, "a chance where they can go somewhere just to play and run and just have fun and put all their fears aside."

Thanks to Kosair Charities' donation of $15,000 that place will now become a reality as early as May 18.

"That is the install date," said Badger. "They'll start at 7 in the morning and by 2:30 in the afternoon there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and the kids will be able to pay on it that same exact day."

So once again, WAVE Country shines when it comes to supporting each other.

"Thank you to WAVE TV for showing the unfulfilled need for help in Henryville, to get into that area, swoooove in there and get it done," said Coe.

Henryville is equally grateful to Coe and Kosair Charities.

"Thank you, thank you very much," Badger said. "We are very excited that he came forward like this so quickly to do this for our community."

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