Planned Parenthood Markets 'I Had An Abortion' T-Shirts

By Shannon Davidson

(LOUISVILLE, July 28th, 2004, 6 p.m.) -- A national pro-choice organization is offering a controversial new product on its website. "Planned Parenthood" is selling a T-shirt that says "I had an abortion." It's an item that has one local pro-life organization concerned about the message it's sending. WAVE 3's Shannon Davidson reports.

It's one of the newest items offered on the national Planned Parenthood website: a $15 T-shirt that reads: "I had an abortion."

The website claims the T-shirt "...asserts a powerful message in support of women's rights."

To some people we talked to, it's just plain offensive. "That's horrible, that's absolutely horrible," said one woman.

"Oh no, no, no. That's tacky," said one man we talked to.

News of the controversial T-shirt has already made its way to pro-life organizations locally. "The women who are wearing those T-shirts are convincing themselves it was okay (to get an abortion)," said Lisa Arnold of A Woman's Choice Resource Center, a local pro-life organization.

Arnold had an abortion when she was young and now counsels women who've also had abortions. "I wouldn't advertise that I was proud of having an abortion, and exercising my freedom of choice," Arnold said. "I felt very pressured, and most young women do feel pressured to have an abortion."

"Planned Parenthood advocates choice. But how sometimes we choose to express choice, and deliver that message may differ at the national level versus the local level," said Margaret Plattner, CEO of Planned Parenthood, Louisville.

While the local chapter of Planned Parenthood doesn't advocate the T-shirt, it does support the message. "I think this shirt is trying to show that there's no celebration of abortion, but don't stigmatize (women who get abortions) as well," Plattner said.

The Louisville Chapter of Planned Parenthood says it is not selling the T-shirt. It must be bought online from the national Planned parenthood website:

According to the national office, 52 T-shirts were sold as of Tuesday. On Wednesday, a message on the website said the T-shirts were sold out.

Online Reporter: Shannon Davidson

Online Producer: Michael Dever