Tricia gets Another Side of Olympic soccer star Heather Mitts - News, Weather & Sports

Sunday at 10 - Another Side of Heather Mitts


Heather Mitts is a three time Olympic Gold Medalist and star of Team USA.   

She's also from right here in Cincinnati and graduated from St. Ursula.  

Her family still lives here in town and when Tricia got a chance to talk to her about her family and how proud they are of her, she broke down.

In the full interview, which airs Sunday night at 10, Mitts told Tricia that she'd overcome many obstacles to become the three time Olympic gold medalist she is today.

We talked about her favorite sport, her childhood, what she teaches young girls about sports and life and also her desire to have kids.

Tricia says she is an absolute joy to talk to and very grounded..

You won't want to miss Another Side of Heather Mitts, Sunday night on the FOX19 News at 10.

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