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Woman says inaction by MSD destroyed her driveway

Sandy Shipley Sandy Shipley
Sandy Shipley's damaged driveway. Sandy Shipley's damaged driveway.
Parking ticket received by Sandy Shipley. Parking ticket received by Sandy Shipley.
The type of grate Shipley wants MSD to install in front of her home. The type of grate Shipley wants MSD to install in front of her home.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - We live in a river city which means plenty of us have experienced flooding frustrations and many funnel that annoyance to the Metropolitan Sewer District. A Louisville woman says she not only blames MSD for the destruction of her property, she also has a parking problem because of it.

Sandy Shipley's Louisville neighborhood drew her in two decades ago. 

"It's really close to the zoo," Shipley said. "We love that.  It's a nice, quiet neighborhood. It's a peaceful place to be."

Over the years, gravity and running water have done a job on her driveway, leaving big, gaping holes that she and her family have repaired at least ten times, she says.

"I don't mind doing it once or twice but to have to keep doing it over and over is just not right," said Shipley. "The only other option is to park up here on the street. We have four people that drive. We have four automobiles so we have to be someplace to park."

Now it's become clear that's not really an option either. This week, acting on neighborhood complaints, Louisville Metro Police took action, ticketing the cars parked on Illinois Avenue believing they're a safety hazard. Shipley says she's stuck because she's turned to MSD over and over, asking that something be done to keep all the rainwater from the neighborhood from tumbling down her driveway.

A MSD spokesperson tells us they have been working in Shipley's and other neighborhoods and while their priority is protecting homes from flooding, they're also working to alleviate problems like the one plaguing sandy Shipley. MSD said they've put drains at the top of driveways just down the street from Shipley, and the spokesperson said they plan to do the same thing at her house next week.

"I'll be glad to repair it again and see what happens," Shipley said, "but we'd just like to get it fixed so we can use our driveway again."

In the last decade, the MSD spokesperson said it has spent more than $10 million to fix flooding problems around the Metro. He said it's improving but if you still have complaints about what's happening near you, MSD is listening. They realize they still have a long way to go.

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