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EXCLUSIVE: Rahman Ali denies comments on ailing brother

Rahman Ali Rahman Ali
Muhammad Ali wearing a Baltimore Ravens shirt on Super Bowl Sunday Muhammad Ali wearing a Baltimore Ravens shirt on Super Bowl Sunday

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Another story has surfaced that questions surrounding the health of Louisville native and boxing legend, Muhammad Ali. The latest story, published in the National Enquirer, quotes Rahman Ali, Muhammad's brother, claiming that the champ is near death. In an exclusive interview, Rahman not only denies the quotes attributed to him he said it is the work of the devil.

The latest story raises questions about possible elder abuse claiming Muhammad's wife, Lonnie, is just in it for the money. Rahman denies saying anything like that.

"I have not read the articles that have been said about me in the newspaper, but I heard one statement about Lonnie, and my sister-in-law called me and says, ‘Rahman, did you say these things about me and Muhammad?' I said, ‘no, this was all taken out of content. I did say what they said. I totally deny what the press has said. I would never, ever hurt Muhammad or Lonnie, or say negative things about them. They are very positive people, have been positive in my life, real sweet hearts, so all of the things that have been said about me have been taken out of content. I was misquoted, totally misquoted, I did not say those things."

"Unfortunately, Rahman Ali was led astray in his interviews with less than reputable publications," said Bob Gunnell, the Ali family spokesman. "The Ali family is disappointed in the sensational journalism that printed these false stories. Rest assured that Muhammad is doing great."

Dr. Abraham Lieberman, physician of Muhammad for 25 years, sees Muhammad professionally every other week.

"If I had Parkinson's I would wish I was cared for as well as Muhammad," said Lieberman. "I believe he gets excellent care."

Dr. Mahlon Delong, professor of neurology at Emory University Medical Center, said, "We have been treating Muhammad since 1994 and there is no basis to these allegations."

Statements released by Box Car PR late Thursday afternoon included comments from Ron Tweel, Muhammad Ali's legal counsel and personal friend for more than 30 years. Tweel said that Lonnie Ali has been relentless in seeking out the best possible medical treatment for Muhammad and has been a conservative steward of his financial success.

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