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Statements regarding the health and well being of Muhammad Ali



"Unfortunately Rahman Ali was led astray in his interviews with less than reputable publications.  The Ali family is disappointed in the sensational journalism that printed these false stories.  Rest assured that Muhammad is doing great.  Muhammad, Lonnie, and the entire Ali family very much appreciate the support from their friends around the world."

-Bob Gunnell, spokesman for the Ali family.


Below are statements from those closest to Muhammad Ali:


"If I had Parkinson's I would wish I was cared for as well as Muhammad.  I believe he gets excellent care."


- Dr. Abraham Lieberman, physician of Muhammad for 25 years, sees Muhammad professionally every other week.


"I have known Muhammad and Lonnie their entire marriage.  As the world knows, Muhammad is the kindest and most compassionate man in the world and Lonnie is a direct reflection of him.  I've always said if reincarnation is possible I would want to come back as Muhammad because Lonnie treats him like a King."


- John Ramsey, personal friend to Muhammad Ali and Lonnie for 30 plus years.


"A team of Emory physicians sees Muhammad Ali and Lonnie Ali on a regular basis and we are in touch by phone constantly. We have been treating Muhammad since 1994 and there is no basis to these allegations."


-Dr. Mahlon DeLong, Professor of Neurology, Emory University Medical Center.


We were extremely disappointed to see the totally inaccurate statements attributed to Muhammad 's brother, Rahman. Our experience with Lonnie and Muhammad which covers at least the entire length of their marriage, is that:

1.Lonnie has always been totally devoted to maintaining and improving Muhammad's health

2.She is the one who is primarily responsible for taking the Muhammad Ali brand and converting it into great wealth for him and the family.

3.She has been relentless in her efforts to seek out the best medical professionals in the country and is diligent in making sure that all of his medical needs are met.

4.She has been a conservative steward of his financial success and has seen to it that his wealth is invested wisely with prudent investors.  She has never regulated the use of his money for his own expenditures.

5.She has been the central figure in maintaining and enhancing the relationships among and between Muhammad and his numerous children.

6.She has been attentive in assuring that Muhammad receives the appropriate nutritional meals even though Muhammad has some difficulty with eating.

7.She has never forced him to make any appearances against his will.

8.To our knowledge there has never been a trust created for Rahman by Muhammad

9.I have represented Muhammad for a period from shortly before his marriage to Lonnie in 1986.


- Ron Tweel, legal counsel and personal friend to Muhammad and Lonnie for 30 plus years

Statements provided by BoxCar Public Relations

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