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UofL students held at gunpoint during robberies

Kenneth Brown Kenneth Brown
The Province The Province

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – University of Louisville Police say in the last two weeks, two different times armed robbers targeted several students at an on-campus apartment complex.

Police say it happened at The Province, a luxury student apartment complex.

"We had some street robberies in the area at Province in the fall, we ended up charging two people up until the January 28 and then February incidents," said Kenneth Brown, University Assistant Police Chief.

In the last two weeks, two suspects have targeted four students on two different occasions, holding them at gun-point and demanding money. This week Brown says they were even masked, prompting a lot of students to be on edge.

"It needs to stop because a lot of students aren't feeling safe and we want our campus to be safe," said Kela Ivonye, a UofL student.

"I would like to be able to walk home without having to worry about being robbed just because they know I'm a rich student or whatever, living on campus, so it does, it makes me feel really unsafe living here," said Daniel Psiones.

Daniel and his brother, Paul Psiones, decided to move in The Province two years ago.

"They advertised real big when I first came here that it's real safe, a great student environment, we've got police controls, this and that. Whether they are doing their job or not, I really couldn't say, but I would really like to see something change at least, I would like it to be a little safer," said Paul Psiones.

A spokesperson for the apartment complex says since the reported robberies, they have added two additional security officers and now during the evening all cars entering complex will have to check in with one of the officers.

University Police say they have also stepped up patrols.

"Whether I carry my car keys a certain way to defend myself, I'm on alert," said Paul Psiones. "I'm watching, too. I walk out to my porch and look around before I go out to my car to see if anything suspicious is going on."

Police are in the process of the reviewing security cameras. They encourage students to be aware of their surroundings and to call in any suspicious activity.

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