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KY National Guard soldier awarded Silver Star

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Kentucky National Guard soldier took home one of the military's highest honors this morning at the Galt House Sunday morning.

5 years after saving his fellow soldiers when they were hit by an IED in Afghanistan, Captain Shannon Ison, was awarded "The Silver Star" for his strength and heroism as he saved his clearance platoon from gunfire and a detonated IED. He recalls, "We were clearing a route, we had been on it for days and a vehicle had gotten in front of us and it hit an IED. Then it initiated an ambush which we ended up having to fight as well as help those individuals that were in the vehicle."

Captain Ison is visibly uncomfortable when you ask him about being honored with the silver star. He looks at you and says, "I was just doing my job", but not only did he aide those four soldiers struck by the IED, he led his platoon to continue fighting successfully.

"The actual event of helping them only lasted 5 minutes. The actual attack lasted for over 50 minutes so there were other instances of what we had to do."

 He says during those 7 days they were attacked 19 times. His father, Dale Ison, says he's always been proud of his son but he especially is now.  

Next year Captain Ison will be deployed to Afghanistan again and he says he's ready.

"I think it's a necessary thing. I support what our country is trying to do for their country. I support the reasons why we're there. We're there to keep them from doing things again like 9/11."

Captain  Ison has been in the National Guard for 10 years.



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