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WAVE 3 Editorial - February 12, 2013: Merging Services

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Money is tight and local governments feel the squeeze just as much as the state and federal governments.

Floyd County, Indiana funding disputes between the county and New Albany Parks Department has led the city of New Albany to separate from the Floyd County Parks Department.

One city and one county and two separate parks departments? Seems inefficient. The two entities already have separate 911 call centers and that continues to be problematic.

Floyd County government has given some money in the past to New Albany for their 911 center but now says they are tapped out. New Albany is struggling to supplement salaries and benefits for city dispatchers. It seems a bit much to have both a city and county dispatch center.

The citizens of New Albany fund many services with their tax dollars and getting their fair share in services back is important. But with both parks and 911 call centers it seems one entity can be responsible for servicing all and a combined effort makes sense.

Merge these services and funding issues will ease.  

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