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SUIT: I Love This Bar hasn't paid rent since November


The owner of The Banks in Downtown Cincinnati is suing the owner of one of its restaurants.

According to a 250 page lawsuit filled in Hamilton County, the owner of Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill is $231,980 behind on their rent, taxes and utilities.

I Love This Bar and Grill is owned and operated by Capri Concepts, LLC out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The owners of the Banks alleged that Capri Concepts hasn't paid any of their $41,066 a month rent since November 2012.

The suit also alleges that Capri owes a host of late fees, back taxes and utilities for the 16,000 square foot building.

In our commitment to balanced news, FOX19 wanted to get the other side of the suit so we called Capri Concepts.

Their lawyer claims that they signed an exclusivity agreement with the Banks that promised no other bar or restaurant would have a similar concept.

On the 5th page of the lease agreement between The Banks and Capri Concepts, both parties agreed that I Love This Bar & Grill would be the only, "first class county music themed restaurant and lounge offering live music and serving a variety of food and beverages."

The lawyer says his client feels that some of the tenants at the Banks have similar offerings and that violates their arrangement.

According to the lawyer, Capri Concepts has the rent money in an escrow account but they are refusing to pay because they feel the Banks has violated their agreement.

The lawyer stated that his clients may countersue.

In a statement, The Banks assured that their loans from the city were in good standing.

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