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Big Four Bridge designed with certain safety measures

The Big Four Bridge The Big Four Bridge
David Karem David Karem
Major Michael Will, Metro EMS Major Michael Will, Metro EMS

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Hundreds of people have already crossed the newly opened Big Four Pedestrian Bridge.

You can run, walk, or bike your way across anytime and any day. So what if there would be some kind of emergency?

Safety is something that was very well thought out and planned by Louisville Water Development Corporation with all the emergency agencies assisting during the construction.

The bridge was built originally for railroad traffic in 1895 and it closed in the late 1960's. After years of work and decades of planning, the Big Four Bridge is back open to feet, bicycle wheels, and paws.

Before the Waterfront Development Corporation could reach the ribbon cutting, all aspects of the bridge had to be studied with safety at the forefront.

"Before we started any construction on it, people need to understand we sat down with the police, with the EMS, emergency medical services, with the fire department, and made sure they were at the table throughout the design process," said David Karem, Waterfront Development Director.

Major Michael Will with Louisville Metro EMS says he worked with Waterfront Development to make sure the on ramp was wide enough for an ambulance to get onto the bridge if need be.

"It is safe for us to drive up on the on-ramp, of course there is speed issues and safety issues, and our members are more than capable of handling that type of driving," said Will.

The ramp is 20 feet wide and at the top there is a large circle where emergency units can turn-around.

"It is lit at nighttime for safety," said Karem. "There is pathway lighting down the center and on the sides."

"From an emergency stand point there are always concerns, but as far as the city it just makes Louisville the Rome of Kentucky and we like being a part of it," said Will.

LMPD will patrol Waterfront Park and the Big Four Bridge. The Waterfront Development Corporation also has security guards that watch the park.

So far, Metro EMS says they have not had to make any runs to the bridge as of yet.

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