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Loveland Council votes on proposed shooting range near school


A Loveland resident is interested in opening an indoor shooting range.

Steve Ling says he wants to open the range possibly in a shopping center near Loveland Elementary School. He believes it would be good for the Loveland economy and very safe.

However, some parents are concerned that guns located so close to a school would be a threat to students, staff and teachers.

On Tuesday, Loveland City Council voted on the proposed shooting range.

By a majority vote, council decided to place a 45-day hold on allowing the owner of the shooting range to build in a former plumbing supply store location on Loveland-Madeira Rd.   

The store front is a just a few hundred yards from the Loveland Elementary School campus.

Council's decision on Tuesday will give the Loveland Planning and Zoning Commission time to find a more suitable location for the shooting range.

According to City Manager Tom Carroll, the owner of the shooting range is flexible with his location.

"We've been working with the owner on an alternative location, and we have two industrial zones, and he's looked at sites in those. He's been very cooperative and we've enjoyed working with him, and I think he'll run a good operation," said Carroll.

In 2005, Loveland residents voted in favor of allowing a shooting range in town.

Areas in Loveland being considered along with the site near the elementary school, include light industrial zones on Riverside Drive, and an area near Loveland Commerce Park off of Union Cemetary Drive.

The Loveland Planning and Zoning Commission will meet next Tuesday, and there will be at least three more city council meetings before a final decision is made on the shooting range.

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