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Husband shot in SWAT standoff, charged in wife's shooting


A husband was charged after an overnight shooting that left both him and his wife in the hospital.

A call came in around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday from a home in the 2600 block of Amsterdam. Upon arrival, police found a female victim, later identified as Violet Corman, suffering from gun shot wounds to the neck, shoulder and hand and lying in the front yard of the home.

Police say as they entered the home, they found the victim's husband, Ronald Corman, holding a weapon. He refused to drop the weapon, and after about an hour of negotiations, was eventually shot by a member of the Kenton County SWAT team.

"After 30 minutes or so we heard like four gunshots, then he said yes, you actually shot me. That's what he said," said Thelma Okamoto, who lives next door. "She also said she heard police during negotiations asking the gunman if he'd been drinking.

Okamoto said police later knocked on her door, asking neighbors to evacuate. Residents in the area say they were surprised to learn of the shooting, and had never seen any major disturbances at the home.

"I don't feel that we were probably in any danger, but it's still nerve racking that it happened so close," said Lacy Engles, a neighbor just a few doors down from the scene.

Police say both Ronald and Violet Corman were taken to UC Medical Center with serious injuries, but are expected to recover. No other people were injured in the incident.

Ronald Corman was charged with one count of 1st degree assault in connection with the shooting.

Authorities say the incident is still under investigation and additional charges are possible.

Anyone with information about Ronald Corman's whereabouts during the evening hours of Tuesday, February 12th is asked to call the Kenton County Police at (859) 356-3191.

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