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Hundreds skip school after BB gun incident

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Toledo police say two brothers brought a BB gun in the vicinity of Raymer Elementary school Friday morning. It was confiscated by police off school property.

Toledo Public School officials say there was never a direct threat to anyone in the school and the boys did not make any threats. Officials also say the BB gun was not on school property and was inoperable at the time the students had it.

A neighbor spotted two brothers walking to school and saw they had a BB gun. After immediately calling police, the neighbor followed the students to an abandoned house, where the students stashed the gun. The neighbor then went to the school, told officials and they were able to identify the student. The Toledo Police Department then located the gun.

As word was spreading of the incident, some parents panicked and immediately drove to the school to pick up their children. Officials say more than 160 students did not attend school Friday as a result.

While there was never a threat to their children, parents said they did not want to take any chances.

"I'm just really scared for these kids. I think about this everyday with everything going on. I've seen everybody at the school and I just want to get her home and get her safe," said Brenda Curran.

According to TPS officials, the students with the BB gun, ages 9 and 12, have been released to their parents. They could face disciplinary action from the TPD, as well as TPS, including safe school charges and expulsion.

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