Essay Winner Knows Meaning Of 'Ability'

(LOUISVILLE, August 3rd, 2004, 6 p.m.) -- A young Louisville athlete says she hopes to play tennis on an Olympic team someday. Meanwhile, her writing skills are taking her to Athens this fall.

Thirteen-year-old Kristen Knabel won an all-expenses-paid trip to Greece for the Paralympic games in an essay contest on the meaning of ability.

She recently took pointers from top-ranked professional wheelchair tennis player Karin Korb.

Kristen's essay was one of eight chosen nationwide by the National Paralympic Academy. In her essay, Kristen writes: "ability is achieving goals even when the world says it's impossible and knowing you can achieve any goal or dream you set for yourself."

In addition to wheelchair tennis, Kristen also plays basketball, dances and competes in track and field events.