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LG&E customers noticing bill changes

Horace Brasher Horace Brasher
Liz Pratt Liz Pratt

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Some LG&E customers may be surprised the next time they check their bill to find it's slightly higher than usual. The price hike is just one of the changes that took effect with the new year. Many LG&E customers are just now starting to take notice. 

On average a typical residential customer uses about 1,000 kilowatts per month. That translates to an extra $7.00 per month. Horace Brasher is one LG&E customer who said he is definitely feeling the price hike.  

"It really hurts a lot of people, a lot of people is frowning on LG &E and we really need a lot of help out here."  

LG&E said they have put some features in place to help customers: The late fee has also been lowered. In the past, the fee was five percent of the total bill. Now, that has been dropped down to three percent. In addition to that, customers have longer to pay their bill. Before, customers had 12 days to pay. An additional three days were given as cushion to help customers avoid late fees.  

The grace period has been thrown out altogether. Instead of customers having twelve days, customers have 22 days to pay. LG&E spokesperson Liz Pratt says these are changes that customers asked for.  

"Some of the feedback that came back from customers is, 'we would like more time to pay our bill,'" said Pratt. "So we listened to customers."

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