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Passengers describe miserable experience aboard distressed ship


They're calling it cruise catastrophe - a nightmare at sea.

Thousands of passengers are back on dry land after spending five miserable days aboard a disabled Carnival cruise ship.

The ship docked late Thursday night in Mobile, AL.

Valley Radio DJ Rich Berra, with KIIS 104.7, was keeping a close eye on the distressed ship because two of the travelers onboard were his aunt and uncle, Pam and Carl Gibson.

"From what I've heard from Aunt Pam, you'd feel like you'd have a little bit of relief because of what it smelled like, body stuff, but then you'd go somewhere else and it smelled like rotting food," said Berra.

The disabled ship had been out to sea since Sunday when an engine fire caused the entire vessel to lose power.

Stories surfaced about hallways full of urine and passengers scrambling to find food.

"I've never had a desire to go on a cruise," said Valley traveler Cindy Mero. "After seeing what happened, I definitely have no desire to go on a cruise."

Bonnie Root is a Valley travel agent with Sundance Travel and has been booking cruises for 38 years.

She said that despite what happened this week, cruising remains one of the safest ways to travel.

"I would totally encourage people to go on a cruise and not use an incident like this to change their mind," said Root. "When you consider how many passengers sail every year on these cruises and how great they are, its not something people should not do anymore."

Berra said that he is a little more skeptical.

"I don't think I'm going to have to go on a cruise anymore, because there's no way Aunt Pam is getting on a boat again," said Berra.

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