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Rescued dogs safe at Dog Warden's Office

The two loveable labs that caused all the commotion Friday in Maumee Bay just off the Point Place shoreline remain at the Lucas County Dog Warden's Office Saturday.

Dog Warden Julie Lyle says both of the animals, a black lab and a golden lab/retriever, are female. Neither dog was wearing a collar and neither dog is licensed.

They were evaluated by staff who determined that there was no need for them to go to the vet.

The black one is slightly stressed by her new surroundings.

The dogs wandered for at least eight hours on thin ice, struggling to get to the Bay's Grassy Island.

Everybody watching along the shoreline was pulling for them to make it out alive.

Volunteers from the Washington Township Fire Department eventually determined it was safe to launch a hovercraft to rescue the dogs.

After the rescue, both dogs were cold and wet but happy to be on shore.

Now they just want to go home to their owner.

"Don't know who they are. So if somebody sees the dogs and knows it's theirs, come down. But at this point we don't know who owns them," said Ms. Lyle.

If the owner does step forward, they'll be charged a caring fee for re-claiming the dogs.

They'll also have to buy license tags for the dogs.

Should the dogs remain orphaned, they'll soon go up for adoption.

"Any dog we don't believe is licensed we hold for three business days before we evaluate them. They will be put on the list to evaluate, both behavior and medical. If they pass that, they will go up for adoption," said Ms. Lyle.

The deadline for that to happen is Wednesday.

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