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Henryville business rebuilds and reopens

Shaan Singh Shaan Singh
Sukh Bains Sukh Bains
Mark Hill Mark Hill
A photo by Sukh Bains of the tornado-damaged marathon station. A photo by Sukh Bains of the tornado-damaged marathon station.
The rebuilt Henryville Marathon gas station. The rebuilt Henryville Marathon gas station.

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) - It's almost been a year since a tornado tore apart Henryville, Indiana. Over the months, things are slowly getting back to normal.  

Just off Highway 160, cars are coming in and out of town and homes are under construction. But in the distance stands a reminder of what happened on March 2, 2012. 

Shaan Singh will never forget that day. 

"I face first time in my life," said Singh. "It was really scary." 

Singh was working at the Marathon gas station when the tornado ripped through. All he could do was help his employees and customers. 

"It knocked me down," said Singh. "I flew inside, like ten feet inside, and hit the counters,"  

When he came out, the entire town was leveled. Singh's gas station was ripped to shreds. 

"It looks like I am in a war zone," said Singh. "I'm bleeding my hands my face my head." 

Singh was out of work nearly 11 months. He and his business partner, Sukh Bains, decided to rebuild. 

"People around here have been waiting for us to open back up," said Bains. 

They started construction in July and in a matter of months, a brand new gas station and Subway now sits off Highway 160. 

"Henryville had come a long ways, a long ways," said customer Mark Hill. 

For people in the Henryville community the new gas station, convenience store and Subway shop more than a place to get gas, some snacks, and a sandwich. For Singh his scars from March 2, 2012 are a reminder that he was very lucky.

"I always thanks to God day and night, you saved me," said Singh. "I'm serving Henryville people and people are very happy to see the store open again."

The gas station and Subway opened February 1. They reinforced some points of building for safety and hope another tornado doesn't come through again.

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