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Sources link Newtown killer to Norway shooter


Eyewitness News has learned about a possible motive for the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School after a gunman killed 20 first-graders and six educators Dec. 14.

Sources told CBS News that Adam Lanza was obsessed with the mass murder in Norway that left 77 people dead, and they believe Lanza picked Sandy Hook because it was an easy target with a large cluster of people.

"His mentality would be not just that I can beat it, but I can get more attention, more notoriety, do it more efficiently, do it more skillfully," said Mary Ellen O'Toole, who is a former FBI profiler.

Connecticut State Police told Eyewitness News on Tuesday that they are making progress, but still are months away from a complete picture of why this killer did what he did.

"There are many victims in this tragic incident, and they deserve to know what happened," said state police Lt. Paul Vance. "And they deserve to know first, to know what exactly what transpired."

Eyewitness News asked state police about the reports of Lanza being obsessed with other mass murderers.

"Everything is on the table, quite frankly," Vance said. "Everything is on the case. We are looking at examining everything."

State police said they are still interviewing witnesses in the case and examining every detail.

"It is the policy of the Connecticut State Police to always conduct complete and thorough investigations," Vance said in a statement Tuesday. "During the course of any investigation, as a case progresses, the State Police do not release details of that case. This strict rule is in place in order to prevent misinterpretation of evidence or case information by those who are not involved in the investigation."

Eyewitness News has also developed information that investigators are still primarily focusing on Lanza's computer and the violent video games he played nonstop in the basement of the home.

Police said he destroyed his computer before leaving for the school. Investigators said they are searching web servers to see which sites he was visiting and who he was interacting with before the murders.

"That is one area being helped," Vance said. "We have computer crimes doing some work, but the federal government, federal agencies are helping us with additional work in that area."

More than two months later, the Sandy Hook Elementary building sits empty. Detectives have released it back to the town, but it is still off limits to the general public.

The daughter of Principal Dawn Hocksprung did not want to do an interview because she does not want to talk about the killer at all.

"He copped out and killed himself," said Erica Lafferty. "We will never know, even with an investigation and research, why my mom was taken away from me."

The home where Lanza shot his mother four times in the head while she was sleeping was covered in snow and a Christmas wreath still hangs on the front door.

"They want to know why and how this occurred," Vance said. "And we want to do what we can to answer these questions."

State police told Eyewitness News that the "investigation is active and ongoing" and there are 20 detectives working this case full time with twice as many providing support.

"It's important we do this and we do this for the victims who lost their lives and their families," Vance said.

They are planning to have a full report for the families by June and the public soon after.

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