Stall of Violence Against Women Act funding affecting Louisville center

Shannon, a domestic violence survivor
Shannon, a domestic violence survivor
Rep. John Yarmuth
Rep. John Yarmuth

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - One in four women will experience domestic violence. Right now legislation in Washington, D.C. is on hold to make sure a safe place in Louisville is operating the best it can.

$700,000 is on the line and six people could be cut. That would mean women or families in danger may not get the help they need right away.

The Violence Against Women Act is at risk of being reauthorized. Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY 3rd) claims some House Republicans don't want the measure to go to the floor because to some conservatives consider it a social issue.

Some GOP lawmakers don't want to vote on the measure because if they are against the act it will be fodder for their opponents. Still women who've been helped say the Center for Women and Families in Louisville needs every resource possible.

"I thank God for everybody who stands today for this act," said Shannon, a domestic violence survivor. "This center has had a tremendous affect on me."

"They perform a great service," said Yarmuth. "We can't afford to have this vital protection reduced or eliminated."

The Center for Women and Families is seeing a 30% increase in services.

Yarmuth said reauthorizing act will happen if it's brought to the floor.

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